Hong Kong Metallic Hardcore Act Dagger Release Fullset Livestream Vid From Practice Space

Hong Kong-based metallic hardcore band Dagger has released a full video of their liveset from their practice space last night. The band was originally set to play a show at a killer venue in Hong Kong called Sai Coeng but a few days earlier a third wave of the Coronavirus hit Hong Kong closing all recently reopened bars and entertainment establishments (again). Thus the venue was going to pivot from a live show in front of an audience into doing an audio-only streaming set up so that people could stay home and enjoy the show instead of risking themselves (and others) by being around each other in large groups. But on the day of the audio-only stream, someone at the venue, unfortunately, came down with a fever and the venue decided that it would be best to close up in order to clean it properly. Highly responsible of them which shows how great of a group of people it is that run this place.

Dagger’s show was actually scheduled, rescheduled, postponed, or canceled altogether (like many others around the world) since March – so around mid-day, the band just decided to do their own live webstream of a full set from their practice place.  Thus there are no audio/video wizardry at all in this…just a band plugging into their amps, and someone shooting it all on their iPhone.

The band was certain that only a handful of people from Hong Kong would be interested anyway, but as the show started the number of people tuning in from Hong Kong AND around the world was amazing. If you’re going to watch the video – check out the comments section! Hahaha…people from South Africa, London, Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, NYC, Singapore, Netherlands, Germany, Indonesia…all tuned in.

This means a lot that people are actually interested in a small band from Hong Kong.

The video is raw…lots of talking shit in between songs etc (clearly the band wasn’t aware that these many people were going to tune in!), so all the DIY-ness of it.


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