Hong Kong Goregrind Band C9H9N Return With 3 New Tracks and A Sick MV [Hong Kong]

Hong Kong goregrind band C9H9N are back with album number 2 and have already unleashed 3 tracks and a music video. The music video is frickin’ epic with clips from 80s Hong Kong movies so we had to hit up the band to find out more.

“I love the movies from the 70s and 80s, because there were not too many restrictions in that era, so a lot of the movies were more explicit and less taboo, and they left a deep impression on me.

This time, I used this song to present the violent aesthetics in the movies of that time. This song is about “Tame Head” sorcerers who practice black magic, and these “Tame Head” sorcerers end up harming themselves as well as others. The scenes in the music video are from the movies directed by “桂治洪”, you can pay attention to his movies if you are interested.

In this album, I tried to use some violent aesthetics to express my feelings for old Hong Kong, and I also wrote my feelings about the current state of Hong Kong in the songs. This album is mainly focused on the local theme, and it is also different from the previous ones. There will be two sets of songs with different recordings and mixing and even a different kind of feeling. The other side is like entering the human organs and so on…But these are my own feelings, maybe you will feel differently.”

In terms of the actual release, the band is still in discussions with various labels to see what formats this will be out on.


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