Homophobic Band Gets Homophobic Song Removed From YouTube Vows To Be Homophobic

We don’t know what’s more fascinating – the fact that a homophobic band has gotten their homophobic song removed from YouTube (good job Youtube), or that that the homophobic band continues to be homophobic pandering to its homophobic audience thinking they’re doing God’s work by judging others based on their own homophobia?

Either way, it is our scientific conclusion that the real mental issue here is not with the fine folks of the LGTBQ community, but with those for whom homophobia/transphobia resides like their own version of the Coronavirus. The disease manifests itself in the following manner: it takes over the soul and makes seemingly normal people break out into symptoms of extreme paranoia, fear, ignorance, lack of compassion, denial, and then most troubling, arrogance. The virus continues to be bolstered by mindless adherence to a misinterpretation of holy books and a variety of religions. Once the symptoms of arrogance and delusion fully take over the brain, they start to view the world through a pair of homophobic-disease-ridden eyes. To them, the “punk rock spirit” then oddly enough becomes about fighting AGAINST open minds, open hearts, compassion, understanding, acceptance, and respect.

As you can see, this disease is detrimental to your health and well-being as the only way for you to survive such a crippling disease is to surround yourself by others who are also plagued with this sickness. And thus you end up passing it around and around amongst your circle of idiots – sorry, we meant, patients.

If you too show symptoms of Stupid-Wannabe-Punk-Rock-Homophobic-Disease we urge you please seek help immediately.

This is love and you can’t break it
In a formula or make me
I’m no monster i’m just like you
All my life is right before me

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