Heaven In Her Arms Announce Japanese Tour With French Band Celeste – Dates Up Now

Screamo band Heaven In Her Arms [Japan] have announced a Japan tour with their friends in French band Celeste. Check out the dates in the flyer below, but check out the cool announcement by HIHR below:

“This coming November 2019, heaven in her arms have invited CELESTE back to perform their second Japanese tour. This will be their return after their first Japan tour eight years ago.

The last tour was May 2011. That was just after the Great East Japan Earthquake, and we were in a situation where we did not know whether we could do the tour itself. In particular, the nuclear accident had been widely reported overseas, therefore the members of CELESTE were also restricted from visiting Japan by their families, loved ones and friends.

Under such circumstances, we also considered canceling the tour. After many discussions with CELESTE, they eventually decided to come to Japan, and believed in us.

However, the Sendai show was canceled because of damage from the earthquake. Other performances were also canceled due to a blackout. There were many difficulties in conducting that tour.

Amid such difficulties, we still clearly remember the performance in Nagano, which was added last minute. It was a performance that was decided a few days prior, while the whole of Japan was still in huge despair and confusion. There was a lot of anxiety when we thought about the tour, and our members and I couldn’t stop being worried. At that time, CELESTE’s Johan (Vo, Bass) called us from the back room. “We will not complete our tour without your smiles. Let’s do our best in any situation.” I remember that my eyes welled up with tears. And this has become an unforgettable word from then on.

After that, we finished the tour safely and made a promise with CELESTE when we said goodbye at the airport.

“Promise. Let’s do it again in Japan in the future”

Now we are finally fulfilling this promise.”

Fucking awesome!

Check out the dates in the flyer below:

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