Hearts go out to Malaysian skateboarder Fatin Syahirah Roszizi – MORE POWER TO YOU!

Hearts go out to Malaysian skateboarder Fatin Syahirah Roszizi – MORE POWER TO YOU AND FUCK SMALL-MINDED HATERS.

As reported in Stadium Astro, Malaysian skateboarder Fatin was recently bombarded with abuse online because of her performance at the recent Asian Games. The vitriol spewed by some of the worst of her countrymen forced her to close down her social media accounts. This is disgusting behavior on many accounts. This young skateboarder was just doing her best in her first ever international and televised skateboarding competition. Can you imagine the amount of pressure?!

We want to let her, and anyone out there doing something DIFFERENT, following their OWN PATH and not what society keeps dictating that you and your gender SHOULD do or SHOULD NOT do – FUCK THE HATERS. You do you…keep that skin nice and thick, let the bullshit that haters spew roll right off your shoulders, stay off social media and go skate, play music, do art, create, create, create…GO ALL OUT. We got you.

Keep in mind – every country, race, ethnicity has a few bad apples. Just like in Malaysia this hatred that was directed at her were from the worst of the worst. The REST of the good people of Malaysia have come out in DROVES to support Fatin and anyone like her out there trying to do something special for the beautiful country and people of Malaysia.

Malaysia Represent! Fight for Fatin!



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