Hardcore Punk Band Last Minute Back in Action [Malaysia]

Malaysian hardcore punk band Last Minute are back in action! We were told about the band recently by a member of Singapore hardcore band Radigals who sent us a link to a practice room video from December of 2020. We then began pestering the band to give us the lo-down…they happily (maybe not “happily” hahaha) obliged…

“My name is Riena bassist of Last Minute and the band was originally formed in 2002.

Yes, we are active again recording new songs because we’ve decided to release our first-ever debut album this year. We’re actually supposed to be in the process of relearning our old stuff and then we’ll hit the studio.”

Since we like to be annoying…we kept pressing further…

Why did the band break up or go on hiatus in the first place?

“Too long of a story to share with you! Hahahaha…

Actually, as I remember, back in 2006 we announced our last at MCPA in Kuala Lumpur. That’s when we decided to take a break, not really “break up”, because our guitarist at the time Ujeng decided to leave the band.

We actually reunited in 2012 for Tools of the Trade‘s benefit show – they were trying to raise funds to go tour Europe.”

“We had more lineup changes as members decided to leave to focus on work and their families. So we tried to replace these members but it was really hard, especially replacing our vocalist Ereen. Then we met KC and asked her to join the band…we also tried a few other members after KC joined but they wanted to concentrate on their own projects. So any show we were invited to we would have to ask for friends to help us out as session musicians.”

“It’s been a while since that show but a while ago me and Yuss decided to write some new stuff and maybe relearn some of our old songs. We actually had enough stuff and we decided to record. Unfortunately, right when we were going to record vocals, KC quit the band. Man I was stressed! So I had to write the lyrics and record the vocals. Luckily, my sister Ereen rejoined the band and helped record the vocals! SO BOOM!

What you hear on the bandcamp tracks are songs that we recorded however, they are NOT mixed yet. Just raw. If you listen to the song ‘Rectify’ that’s both Ereen and myself on vocals.

The second song ‘Pergilah Mampus’ is Ereen.”

So who’s in the current lineup?

“The current lineup is myself, Ereen, Adek, Ujeng & Yuss.”

Alright yo – keep yourself up to date by following Last Minute on their IG: https://www.instagram.com/xlast_minutex/

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