Hardcore Band Laissez-Faire Release New Album ‘Parrhesia’ [Indonesia]

Dayum…the madness on Indonesian hardcore band Laissez-Faire‘s second full-length ‘Parrhesia’ is palpable. It’s almost like our speakers are about to burst cause the band brings it so HARD on this.

According to the label, the brilliant Samstrong Records, the band has gone through tons of ups and downs since their formation in 2012 including lineup changes and a change in their name. They did eventually release their debut album ‘Kamuflase’. But it really sees the emotions on this new record are turned the fuck up. “Parrhesia was born in the midst of anxiety due to unfavorable conditions when we were meant to be out touring on our first album tour but couldn’t because of covid which paralyzed the whole world. With that disruption, we decided to work on this record. Parrhesia itself has a general meaning by linking belief and the truth itself. However, Parrhesia also has an extreme meaning stating the truth is a ‘game’ of life and death because every truth must have painful consequences.”

Shit’s both emotional and heavy…go check it out.


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