Hardcore Band Gaiwaer Address ADHD On Dope New Track 白日夢 [China]

Chengdu-based hardcore band Gaiwaer is one of the bands we always look out for because of the way they create their music. The band always does their own thing and their brand new track 白日夢 is a case in point. Before the song even starts the band has a long passage written up about their own experience dealing with ADHD and the impact it had on them through their educational career. In the hands of teachers who don’t know what ADHD is, the resulting impact and humiliation on the development of students with ADHD are detrimental.

As a listener and a HUGE fan of message-based hardcore, reading through all this first before hitting play, made the song even more impactful.

Great song.
Great message.
Great band.


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