Happy International Women’s Day! Now jam out to women in Asian bands!

Man…we just typed “female” in the “search” box on our website and a HUGE list of bands popped up on our site of Asian bands with women in their midst! We KNOW that a band should never be judged nor checked out simply because of who’s in the band – male, female, gay, straight, Pakistani, Chinese, Muslim, Christian – etc., but sadly, in 2016 it still is not a common sight to see women killing it on stage in bands within our hardcore, metal or punk rock scene.

So on this day where we ALL should be out celebrating women and all the great achievements that have been made worldwide to make sure that women get closer and closer to equal parring with men in terms of pay, work status, benefits, etc…go jam out to tracks from incredible Asian bands who provide inspiration to many young women all over our continent and continue to show them that THEY can also get on stage and bang on drums, scream into a mic, rock out on guitars! Thank you to all these women for being such stellar role models!

*The bands below are no way an exhaustive list – there are SO MANY more up on our site…


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