What Happens When Punk and Grindcore Peeps Start a Shoegaze Band? OutControlJoys [Nepal]

What happens when members of Nepali punk rock and grindcore bands start a shoegaze band? Well, you don’t really have to wonder too much because we have the second EP from the newly formed band OutControlJoys streaming for you below.

“OutControlJoys is Shoegaze/Dreampop which initially started as Samn’s solo project after his both hardcore punk band ‘Anautho Prashna’ and GrindViolence band ‘Rog’ stopped playing live. He released his first single demo ‘Faraway’ in 2019 on soundcloud. While having few songs in his pocket, he recorded the first EP ‘Division’ while quarantined during the CoronaVirus outbreak and released it in January 2021 via Ris Records, which he co-founded with S.Rai.

OutControlJoys squeezes the influences from the late 80s and early 90s essence of shoegaze, dream pop, and post-punk, and follows the path of present sounds like PinkShinyUltraBlast, DIIV, Whirr, (early) She Her Her Hers etc

Samn released his second EP ‘Unturn’ in January 2023 just after 2 years of the release of the first EP. Unturn sings about failure, and hopelessness yet fighting with it and is infused with full of melancholy where songs ‘Coming Around’ and ‘These Wavves’ resonate love, nostalgia, and joy.

Just after the release of Unturn, S.Rai(bass) and Samn(Guitar/Vocals) decided to play the songs live and searching for a drummer, they asked their mutual friend Prashant to join hence OutControlJoys was formed as a band and have been playing since.”


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