SO GOOD! Deathgrind Band Maranatha Drop Crushing Debut EP ‘The End is Coming’ [Nepal]

Maranatha hails from the city of Kathmandu, Nepal. The band has been playing since 2018 and is finally released their crushing debut EP ‘The End is Coming’ today!

According to their label Vehement Records:

“This new EP will evoke the filth hidden inside you and will soon make you realize that this world you live in is not about flowers and fairies that you pretend it to be but of torture, inhumane crimes, war, slavery, and oppression.

Maranatha talks about political issues in their songs along with themes based on inhumane brutality going around the world, cruelty to animals and other living beings, destruction of the world, and so on. To the band, “The end is coming close because of all these fucked up things we’ve been doing as human beings to one another and to the planet and the animals and everything around us. Our end is coming and we should be ready to face the consequences. The tables are turning and the same cruelty and havoc are about to rain down on us.”

Musically, the band is influenced by death metal, deathgrind, grindcore, powerviolence, and hardcore through bands like Lockup, Wormrot, Murder Made God, Terrorizer, Cattle Decapitation, Full Of Hell, Jesus Piece, Mindsnare, Baptist, Suffocation, Decapitated to name a few.

The amazing artwork was done by their bassist and symbolizes “a mutated animal destroying every manmade thing including humans”.

“Overall this album is very interesting to listen to and you can immediately realize that these guys have been listening to a wide variety of music. It’s definitely not a typical EP where everything is predictable and you can just groove on. They throw in whatever the fuck they wanna throw in and blends it very well. This is what makes it a really good debut EP from Maranatha ‘The End Is Coming” – Vehement Records

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