DEMO OF THE YEAR SO FAR – Chain Ov Dogs Drop 4 Song Banger [Nepal]

Yo Nepal – what’s up today!??!?! Got back-to-back posts about bands from there absolutely fucking SLAYING it!

This quick 4 track stomper by brand new Nepali hardcore band Chain Ov Dogs has us all shook right now…how the hell is this just a demo??? The songs already sound HARD just the way they are – raw and in your face. Vocals have so much aggression in them – like he’s had all these emotions pent up for decades and has finally found the right medium/soundtrack to get it all off his chest (and all in Nepali too!). The music is PUNSHINGINLY heavy…downbeat, mid-tempo, riff-heavy (main riff of ‘Aant Chha’ rips), everything you need for a sea of humans to lose their minds in the pit. With members hailing from Discord, Neck Deep in Filth, Jugaa, Childwife with a collective almost 20-year history in Nepali hardcore – you know shit’s gonna go OFF.

“The KVHC DEMO deals with life, love, and regret and is influenced by Madball (Hold It Down-era), Terror (Demo/Lowest of the Low-era), NUMB, and Cold As Life (hence the cover).”

Lastly, when ANY band big ups their own scene…we’re all about it. The band leaves it all in their music and lyrics and thus doesn’t say much else (nor needs to) except for these choice words on their Bandcamp:



If you’re a label out there – you NEED to get in touch with this band ASAP.

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