Goatlordth Records Release Fullset Live Video of Singapore Act Devouror

Singapore black metal act Devouror were able to finally perform in KL after running to issues with the church. You can read about that here: https://uniteasia.org/churches-strike-devouror-show-malaysia-receive-complaints/

The band had this to say about this entire ordeal:

“Final Score: Devouror vs The Church, 666 – 0.

Special thanks goes to Goatlordth Records + Team for handling every detail professionally. Our inbox has been full of media/news journalists since the following weeks. We have nothing to offer these hypocritical slaves of the system. Nothing shall stand in our way of freedom of musical expression; no matter how bizzare, extreme, blasphemous or grotesque it may seem. Bestial Deathcult Warfare is our Art and prevail it shall! Metal is what courses our veins, what we breathe, eat and shit. And gladly we will die in Metal! You can choose to ignore or learn to understand and live with it…else revert back to the stone age, and crawl back into that cave where you belong. Gratitude to the Diehards who came to support, most did not know since it was all last minute. Our devils horns to the killer KEBES for having balls to open for us! And so the rest is history: Victory served, Onward march!”

Goatlordth Records have now released a fullset video of the show streaming below.


Photo Credit: Devouror Facebook Page

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