friENDship fest To Be Held This Saturday Online

friENDshipfest is a curated sets of solo artists with diverse genres from the Philippines, Singapore, UAE and USA.

Available via Facebook watch on April 24, 2021 (Saturday)

Link to the live video is here:

Show starts at 9pm (PHT Standard Time)

With performances by:

Pure Mind Quiet Heart (PH) / Genre: Foodtrap

DETHOMEGA (PH) / Genre: Sludgewave, Plunderphonics, Industrial

SILAKBO (US) / Genre: vegan straight edge electronic hardcore/punk

LUSH DEATH (PH) / Genre: Japanoise, Power Electronic, Harshnoise Wall and No Wave

Fictional Character (SG) / Genre: Post-Black Karaoke

Audio Rebel (PH) / Genre – break beats / jungle

Stitches (PH) /  Genre – Hip-hop

Pesky Kid (US) / Genre: Electronic

MALLWARE (PH) / Genre: breakcore/ hardcore/ dnb

LORD FUZZ GZAZ (UAE) / Genre: No Wave/ Electro-Punk

Pet School โรงเรียน สัตว์เลี้ยง (PH) / Genre: Experimental indietronica

Shock Stick Terror (PH) / Genre: Harsh Noise Wall

Circuitrip (SG) / Genre: Experimental

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