Filipino hardcore band Youngblood release 2 new punishing songs


Filipino hardcore band Youngblood from Mindanao have released two new songs on their bandcamp which you can check out below. The songs are HEAVY packed with lyrics that pummel you with a message of how fucked up the world is that we live in. Following events of the past week or so – these lyrics are even more poignant because we truly are in a state right now across the globe where some heinous shit keeps occurring. Not just terrorist attacks, but also the follow up knee-jerk, ignorant reactions of people who are taking out their frustrations and fears of attacks out on people who have NOTHING to do with these attacks. Vice News posted up an article about a Muslim woman who was attacked by two buffoons who grabbed her by her headscarf, through her on the ground, started punching her and insulting her, all while this poor woman’s children were watching. She was just picking up her children from school.

Good on Youngblood for coming out with music that is tough as hell with lyrics that don’t sugarcoat this crazy cold world that we live in.

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