REVIEW: Beast Jesus | In Various States of Disassembly EP (2016)

beast jesus

BAND: Beast Jesus (Philippines)
RELEASE: In Various States of Disassembly (2016)
REVIEWER: Unite Asia
Final Rating: 100/10

Yo…let’s just start with the album cover – this thing is just a work of immense art!

Next of course is the chaotic slabs of hardcore-punk-metal-rock-post rock-shoegaze-noise mixed with an unadulterated dose of a visceral release of angst. The band, Beast Jesus, from the Philippines have turned 2016 on its head if you ask us. The music that has been coming out of Asia so far has most DEFINITELY been topnotch (Forests, The Caulfield Cult, Degaruda, Seesaw, Protoss, Under 18)…but what Beast Jesus does is produce music that keeps you on your toes because you’re not sure what to expect next. To us, as I’m sure it is for MANY fans of heavy music, that shit is just priceless…the band can go screaming chaotically to singing melodically the next. As we type this review it’s hard to pinpoint or pigeonhole a label for these guys because they go in and out of styles so seamlessly and frequently – from chaotic hardcore to shoegaze!? WHAT?! The title of this EP In Various States of Disassembly is so appropriate for this band because through their music they literally are disassembling what you or I would come to expect of heavy music in 2016 – and the band literally is in various states of disassembling that narrative. More power to these guys…

Only fault – this should’ve been a full length! This is sooooooooo good…

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