EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Malaysian punk act Trophy Knives release track featuring Anti-Flag!!!

Trophy Knives (feat. Chris #2 Anti Flag)
Punk Rock

Goddamn…we’re one lucky website that we get insanely talented Asian bands who want to use our site to premiere their massive tracks. A couple weeks ago we brought to you from the streets of Malaysia a brand new punk rock band called Trophy Knives that quickly blew up our social media.

Today – we bring you an exclusive track from the band that features none other then Chris #2 of Anti-Flag. The track speaks for itself but we couldn’t put this up without grilling Trophy Knives about how all this came together. We were even able to grab a quote from Chris himself.

Enjoy the interview. Get to know the band better. Blast the FUCK out of the track below (which is also available for download on the band’s bandcamp!):

Yo Vinesh – what’s poppin’ man? Looks like you’ve pieced together something pretty magical. How’d it all come together?
Hey Riz! Thanks for having us! So Trophy Knives has been a band for about a year now. I wrote some of these tracks with Sani and Syamir around July last year, and when we tracked We Can’t Be Saved I was joking with the band about how great it would be if Chris#2 did a guest spot on the bridge. Then December last year I was in Australia with Anti-Flag and I spoke to Chris #2 about potentially doing the track. Never in my wildest dreams did I think  that this collaboration would actually happen, but I brought it up with Chris#2 and he agreed to do it. As a huge Anti-Flag fan i am truly humbled by this opportunity. Chris #2 is a goddamn legend!

Chris#2: Through travel and the power of music I have made countless experiences…meeting Vinesh of Trophy Knives is one of these moments. His kindness is only surpassed by his care. When he showed me the track and shared his art, I jumped at the ability to be involved. It’s always amazing to watch your friends create, it’s even better when the things they make are awesome. Turn this shit up!

Absolutely! It is pretty rad to have him featured on the song. What is the premise of this particular track? Anti Flag certainly are known for their political stance on issues – so I’m assuming that interest from them taking part on this track was for similar reasons. Eager to know the background of this track.
Most definitely. This track is about the general feeling of helplessness and how we are all accountable for making this world such a horrible place. For the most part this song is about our fight with our societal obligations and norms. The daily grind that we are subjected to each and every day, but at the same time it serves as a timely reminder that we’ve only got our selves to blame. We created this divide. We as a society allowed ourselves to be the victims of horrible decisions. There’s so much that’s wrong at the moment so let’s not contribute to that. Let’s change that by going outside and making some new friends.

How did Trophy Knives get together in the first place?
Actually, Trophy Knives is a continuation of all of our previous projects. The three of us have been playing together for 5 years with our previous projects: Wired Nerves and Orchestra Of Wolves. We’ve had several lineup changes with both bands, so we decided to just start everything from scratch. I wish I had a cooler story about our band name, but unfortunately it means nothing at all! We just decided on it because it sounds cool. Also, it is impossible to name a band these days! All the good names are already taken!

Having gotten to know the Malaysian scene for quite a number of years – why is that you think punk rock is not as huge as metal per se in the country?
I definitely think punk rock is still alive and kicking especially within the DIY punk rock community. But having said that, I totally agree that over in Malaysia the appeal for metal/metalcore is so much bigger. Whether that is entirely due to a stylistic preference or a popularity contest I guess I will never truly know but in my honest opinion that really doesn’t matter. Bands of different genres should play shows together so that the divide is eradicated completely.

Once the EP is out what’s next for you guys?
We’re in the midst of booking a national tour to support the demo and then we’ll head back to the studio to record the follow-up due in October.

You can pick up the track at a “name your price” link on their bandcamp:


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