EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Listen to Nepalese grindcore band Chepang’s new EP right NOW!


It has been a beautiful day watching our Asian hardcore family come together and go bananas over the Straight Answer (Indonesian hardcore) post celebrating their 20 years of dedication to their band, their scene and in turn, Asian hardcore.

Now we get to bring you something else that will fill your heart up with an insane amount of Asian pride!

Check out Nepalese grindcore band called Chepang, whose members have recently immigrated to the US and have coined the genius term “Immigrindcore“, as they unleash upon the world their debut EP.

A quick description of the band – first of all, the band has TWO drummers, one guitarist and TWO vocalists! Got that out of the way? Okay – now read up some more:

Pulverizing “Immigrindcore” from Nepali immigrants now living in the US. Chepang’s name is taken from the lowest caste in their native country, a formerly nomadic people who have been neglected and derided by their people and government. Their first missive, Lathi Charge, which actually translates to the brute force used by riot police to disperse crowds, unleashes the raw fury and disdain of a people suffering centuries of neglect and oppression.

This debut is chalk full of anger, hostility and despair bundled up in 8 intense tracks. The clarity in the production and tones captured for guitars and drums intensify the ferocity of each note in every riff ready to pummel you. If that doesn’t already lay your ass out – the way the band carefully uses feedback and blast beats to accentuate the chaos of emotions is just fucking breathtaking. And the best part is that NOTHING, not ONE bit of this record sounds over-polished or overly edited on a computer.


Guitarist of the band Kishitz had this to say:

“This album has a super raw, paranoid feel to it, with a nasty punk groove and some technical outbursts hidden underneath. it was written with frustration of being in a society where everything is impacted by who you are and where you come from. The anxiety that we live in due to this issue. This was the main driving force to write these songs. Our main objective was also to capture the same feeling/emotion in the record, to hit the listener with the same intensity and the panic attack that comes with it.”


So go do yourself a favor and listen to this right NOW!

Buy the EP digitally at the Nerve Altar bandcamp page:

Buy it on vinyl (which of course you do!) here released by Nerve Altar (USA)/Holy Goat Records (Europe):


Buy it on cassette here:

Buy it on cassette + shirt here released by Cricket Cemetery Records:

Here’s a tour video recap of a recent tour they did in the US:

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