Emo punk band Ploverstream release debut EP – wow! [Philippines]

Emo punk band Ploverstream release EP [Philippines]. This write up they sent below is one of the best we’ve received…heartfelt. At the end of the day if we’re not pouring our hearts into the art we create why are we doing it?

Amazing music too…

“High school, college days, the 2000s – this is the decade when we grew up listening to music we could very much relate to. We listened to music about growing up, about learning from mistakes, about making the right decisions, about family, friends, school, our neighborhood, about hanging out, and yep, we wallowed deep into songs about love, of course. In the decade that came after, I guess we could say we grew up. Open minds lead the way to new ideas. We explored different kinds of music, different themes. We met new people, we have had new experiences. But you know, there are always those times when you reminisce about the days when you were younger. Happy memories are like junk in your closet, you have no practical use for them, but at the same time, you still don’t want to throw them away. This is why we formed this project in 2016, to go back to the musical styles that signified our wilder and freer selves. It’s just like a school alumni homecoming if you will. And that is where our first band name, now our first EP title, is rooted from. We changed our band’s name to Ploverstream. Plovers, migratory birds that fly long distances every year from the place where they hatched in the advent of winter, to some warmer place with more resources for survival. Yep, somehow, we realized we can be so damn poetic that we found a metaphor in a bird. As we grow up, we leave home, journey out and find our fortunes somewhere in the world. Sometimes, home calls us, and we go back. But as we go on our way, we also need time to rest, pause beside little streams we pass by.”


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