Our Dudes in Krusty Drop Debut Album ‘Kill Your Enemy’ [Malaysia]

Yo goddamn…what’s up with this weekend!? South Korean band Slant dropped their debut album, Whispers releases their debut EP with merch for days, and now our boys in Malaysian heavy as FUCK hardcore band Krusty have released their debut album ‘Kill Your Enemy’. It’s a good time to be alive – fuck covid – our Asian bands are keeping us hopeful.

Krusty have been working on this for about 3 years now and now, it’s here. They had released a single off the album a few months ago (streaming below) and the full album is not yet available digitally. The band, rightfully so, are trying to push the physical product on Glord Records.

Vocalist Ali was kind enough to send in the following info:

“We’re really glad that finally, our very first ever album is out. We of course gotta thank everyone involved in the making of our album Kill Your Enemy. It took almost 3 years to release this and we went through a lot of struggles – pretty much the entire time – but here we are. In terms of lyrics, this reflects what we’re dealing with in our everyday lives like our bullshit government, people fucking each other up, and even more personal issues with love and friendships. Personally, friends of mine who’ll read these lyrics will know what’s up.”

If you’re down to pick up a physical copy, the band has clearly stated “Slide into our DM’s – we’ll make it happen”.

Off you go:


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