Defunct Hardcore Band The Boxers Release Video To Inspire Thought About Politics [Philippines]

Philippines-based hardcore punk band The Boxers may have ended back in 2018, but that doesn’t mean their music and lyrics aren’t still applicable today. The band has just released a timely music video consisting of stark images of some gruesome events that have taken place in the Philippines these past few years under the Duterte regime. When we asked their bassist Jay for some background, he was kind enough to share tons of thoughts.

“This song came off our ‘Forever Grateful’ album we released in 2019. The video is about how the Duterte regime is already ending but it seems like my fellow countrymen are still blinded by the false promises of the son and daughter of the dictators. The election is in 2 months’ time and it seems like Marcos is still in the lead in the polls for the presidency even after what his father did to the country. People are still rooting for him! We don’t endorse any political candidate but please not Marcos or Duterte again! This video’s just a simple reminder of what happened during his first 100 days of being the president of the republic and that it might repeat itself if we keep them in power.”

Respect to the band for bringing this to everyone’s attention.

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