Death Metal Act Darah Return For First Show in Two Years – Video Up [Singapore]

Singapore death metal band Darah have returned in epic fashion after 2 years and we’re lucky that in this age where insanely amazing videos get created, those of us who don’t live in Singapore can get just a peek into what transpired that night. The band has released a live video for the track ‘Dropped At Birth’ streaming below – the quality is so goddamn good that we hope a fullset vid is in the works.

The band were kind enough to give us some more info about the show.

“The show we played featured a lot of bands more on the hardcore or hardcore adjacent side of things. For some reason, we’ve been getting a lot of invites to hardcore shows and it’s cool, we seem to appeal to the hardcore crowd a lot. The crowd response was mad, probably the wildest show we’ve played making it a great comeback show as we haven’t played for about 2 years.

The reason we had a proper video setup for this show was cos some of my guitarist’s video friends (he’s quite in touch with the video industry and all, he was the one who did that sick power trip live video) were interested in making a documentary thing on the heavy music scene in Singapore and our band was chosen to be sort of the “subject” of the documentary. So yeah that’s one thing we have lined up, and we’re also planning to release a couple more songs from the set that day. [Editor’s Note: FUCK YEAH!]

Apart from that, after the sick gig response and working on this video, I felt motivated to work on some of the new songs we already recorded a few years ago that we never got to. I mix/master our own stuff too, so we want to keep it going. We will slowly release the content we have for now leading up to a potential single which hopefully I’ll be done with by then!”


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