D Beat/Neo Crust Band ROTA Release New Album – Full Stream Up [Indonesia]

“ROTA is a band from Pontianak, West Kalimantan-Indonesia. ROTA is Reri, Aldiman, Rio, and Wahyu. Musically, ROTA play hardcore punk with d-beat and neocrust approach. ROTA has been played music together since 2013 and so far has released five CD including split album, demo, single, and EP.

On February 2, 2019 ROTA released their sixth album. This sixth album titled RISE OF THE ANTELOPE. That title actually itself is an expansion from ROTA. This title is a reflection of our own journey in life as a band and in personal life for the past two years.
This album consist of six songs. Musically we fell that a lot of changes happen. Rio who join this band for the last two years (fill the bass position) has add various idea in songs arrangement, and so does the expansion of our musical journey. There are so many addition of sound effect or sample in each song.

We also do a collaboration with MC Srampangan (a local rapper) for the song “Rise of the antelope 2.0”. We still do the same concept in writing lyrics just like the previous album. We wrote every unique thins that happens around us. There’s no poetic approach on writing lyrics, just straight to the point. There are lyrics about bitter experience cause of bullying, our attitude and manifesto as a band, our views on death, our views about humanity and solidarity, and there’s also a lyric about sex.

The recording process of the album starts in the mid of 2018. But all songs has been composed since 2016 and it’s been released as a live rehearsal demo. We do recording in two different cities, Pontianak and Sukadana. The post-production (mixing and mastering) process are a long and fun process.

The artwork for the cover was made by Ucup. The idea from a glass of coffee is just because hanging out at a coffee shop is our main activity as a band, it took most of our band activity even more than rehearsal and doing show.”

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