Crossover Thrash Band Sarjan Hassan Announces New 7″ [Malaysia]

Sarjan Hassan is a crossover hardcore thrash band formed in late 2003 in Malaysia and features the man, the myth, the legend Man Beranak [Rumah Api] on vocals, as well as Waqs on bass, Apizz Cash on guitars, and Manusia Mesin on drums.

“We are a group of really good friends that likes to have fun, express our creativity, try to carry that intensity into our songwriting, to connect with like-minded people through communication and music, we are like-minded individuals who have been in countless failed bands together (BLOCKAGE-r.i.p anarcho-punk, D.O.E a.k.a DISTURBANCE ON EARTH-r.i.p street punk, BRING IT ON-r.i.p punk rock and CHANNEL X-youth crew hardcore) and decided that we would finally get one to work.”

According to Man, “Our upcoming release is actually 5 old tracks recorded in 2005 that were supposed to be for a split 7” with Black Hole Of Calcutta but that didn’t work out. Finally, Glord Records has decided to release it this year as a 7″.”

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