COLUMN: Vocalist of Hong Kong band David Boring pens short thoughts about “punk”

David Boring is probably one of the most exciting bands in Hong Kong. Their live show is completely unpredictable and destructive…bodies and instruments are flailing everywhere and the constant sense of danger that the band members themselves are going to knock themselves out or someone in the audience, truly keeps you as an audience member on your toes their entire set.

The band recently released a full length album that is worth grabbing for sure…but watching them LIVE is a must.

Vocalist, Janice, recently penned a cool article regarding our perspective on the outdated notions/definition of what it is to be “punk” in 2017. Excellently written and with her permission, we’ve put it up for you to read.

Go check out the band…you will NOT be sorry.

Punk has been portrayed as music by and for angry white males but in its inception, it was a rebellion against all rock cliches (or cliches in general). To maintain socially and culturally relevant the concept must be reiterated constantly to avoid falling into the cliche yourself. While i do not consider, at this day and age, anti-establishment to be a deciding factor. I respect those who hold dear to such (now mainstream) stereotype or in fact any forms of interpretation as long as it’s built upon a set of beliefs that the person himself actively practice and swears by. And to condemn those who do not fit into your narrow perception of an already popularized stereotype is not only lazy, it goes against the exact spirit what you set out.

DB’s philosophy describes a passively destructive world view of finding everything worthwhile but uninteresting. And the execution of bringing that to life somehow manifested into deep discomfort, chaos and violence. Looking at the result many would jump to categorizing what they see as punk and not be wrong- because that is what punk looks like to them. The aesthetic. I do not disagree on that level but mainly because I know they want the short answer that I cannot provide. (At this day and age part of the challenge is to be exposed to the flood of information everyday and still withhold a certain standard, whilst being open minded enough to not reject things that do not suit you in the first instance. I guess we all failed pretty miserably.)

So here I am sitting around day after day, declining in moral and hope. I don’t really sign up to any particular beliefs because I find flaws in all of them. But bullshit is easy to spot. And gradually I became someone who basically believes in finding bullshit in things and reacting against them. And bullshit exist everywhere, good and evil, friends or foes. In a way it was a long and painful and transgressive journey to become a massive pain in the ass. Sometimes I don’t really see the point of putting myself through all that just to end up exactly where the same brain dead imbeciles are already at. Except I have penetrating awareness of almost everything. Like the three eyed raven, but for bullshit and flaws and how ugly and corrupt and pointless everything is.

God life is boring. (And I’ll say that while punching you in the face, but that still would not make me a punk) is an underground Asian music news website created for the sole purpose of supporting our own world. We support all bands and genres HOWEVER we do not support nor have any sympathy for homophobic, racist, sexist rhetoric in lyrical content or band material. UNITE ASIA!