CHECK OUT: Sri Lankan metal band Genocide Shrines

genocide shrines

The band is self-described as “ancient metal” which doesn’t quickly conjure up a plethora of bands that would help us define “ancient metal”. It did however, made wanting to check out this band even more intriguing…

Press play below and let yourself be awash with an interesting twist of sounds and structure of this amazing metal band from Sri Lanka called Genocide Shrines.

Here’s a great write up of the band:

“A line has been drawn in the sand. Choose your allegiance carefully. For GENOCIDE SHRINES are a piercing trishul thrust into the heart of the dogmatic weakling. A burning hatred guides the striking blow at the golden tower looming overhead. There is no time for over-wrought melodies or wheel-reinventing complexity when a cleansing eradication is the modus operandi. Whether it be by spiritual fire or firing squad – the message is clear: Fall in line or suffer at the hands of the reclaimers!

The balance between black Dharmic inversion and a swift rifle-butt to the face has been struck once again. Continuing the established tradition set forth, the loose mania of previous executions has sharpened into a spear-point. Hasty formlessness echoing the peers of old has given away in favour of a militant precision and chaotic, sickening tones. Volley after volley of razor-sharp gun blasts provide rhythmic terror as a well-oiled machine hammers away. Commandments issue forth intolerance from a place of morbidity, calling for the fall of the ultimate enslaver. Truly a DEATH METAL essence has found a foothold in the ideology of the enemies of the Manushya race! Using the cultural weapons of the enemy against him, GENOCIDE SHRINES strikes at the ignorance of the blissfully unaware with a keen perspective of their own DEATH. One step ahead of the herd. All and Nothing!

– Shawn Haché”

Below is a track from said full length released last year. Further below check out some unfortunate news about the band regarding their European tour that was supposed to happen this summer. Remind yourself that there are still tons of people all over the world who don’t have freedom of travel…not just for economic reasons, but religious and/or political as well.

“GENOCIDE SHRINES regrets to announce that the upcoming European tour has been POSTPONED. After 10 months of extensive planning, our Visa application into the Schengan area was rejected twice within the last 2 months and regardless of the plethora of irrelevant complications risen due to our geographical location and the “unique” purpose of visit it came with and not to mention the absurdity of the final decisions by the authorities, we still stand arrogant and absolutely refuse to back-off from this operation until we have successfully carried out the invasion as it was originally intended. We are the first in our caliber in this gutter of the Third World to have attempted a “tour” of this magnitude and we shall NOT stop until Europa is incubated with the nectars of tantric murder…

Our highest gratitude goes to all of our comrades who rendered the cause their relentless support and worked mercilessly with us and for us. Sandesh and Cyclopean Eye, Patrick and Iron Bonehead, P. from Vault Cult, Flo and The Roazhon Underground, Brent/Joost and De Helling, Chaos Descends Festival, Under The Black Sun, Inflammen Festival, Veit and Cryptic Cult Concerts, L.S. and All Enter No One Leaves. Most importantly, to our supporters world-wide, we salute you ALL.

No apologies. No excuses.

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