Chaotic Hardcore Monsters MADCOCK Release Debut EP “嘥鳩氣“ [Macau]

Macau’s chaotic hardcore 5 piece, MADCOCK, is the band you weren’t expecting to annihilate your ears today. But here we are, and you’ve been fucking warned.

The band just dropped their debut EP 嘥鳩氣 – which means “waste of fucking breath” and the fact that the band has added 鳩 in the title of their record, shows you this band doesn’t give a FUCK whether you like ’em or not. Our kind of band.

On the 5 tracks of heavy END, Converge, Cult Leader, influenced mayhem, the band tackles social ills and delivers it in hard-hitting Cantonese. “We just feel Cantonese swear words sound so much more powerful”. HARD agree. According to the band, “Musically, the EP is focused on being simple and raw, without elaborate melodies or atmospherics – this is what we wanted to create. This type of music has been absent from our city for a long time, and we hope to infect more people with it, adding a new dimension to the local music scene. We hope that new blood will better understand this genre and our scene. This is all we fucking care about.”

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