Changsha Based Punk Band Bao Qing Say “We’re From Hunan – We’re Not Scared of Shit”

No matter how much xenophobia exists on this planet when shit goes South, our brothers and sisters in China who play in punk, hardcore, metal bands continue to show us that under the darkness and suffocation of the CCP government, the people of China are not all brainwashed and controlled by these maniacs.

Our brothers in Changsha based punk rock band Bao Qing just released a brand new full length showing the world that punk rock, hardcore, metal will always be a place where the voice of freedom, dissent, rebellion, opposition to tyrannical regimes, will FLOURISH. Where the general public may be waving the toxic flag of nationalism and thus fully refuse to accept any form of criticism of country, in the underground – deeper reflection, debate, conversation on progressive ideas will always exist.

When we asked Bao Qing what the current situation is in and around their city – their response says it all:

“We’re Hunan people – we are born not fearing SHIT. Because of that, life is pretty much back to normal here. People need to remember that during the revolution it was the people of Hunan and Hubei who made up the frontline of the fight. For freedom – we’ll keep going.”

Punk as fuck.

Today – think about all of those in the underground throughout China who feel what we feel, who want to fight right beside us all, against suppression of ideas and thoughts, but aren’t able to for fear of retaliation to themselves and/or their families.

At the end of the day – fuck xenophobia and any form of racism. Learn to separate people from their government. There isn’t a SINGLE government on this planet that fully represents their people. Look at us in Hong Kong! These clowns in power here clearly represent the demands of the CCP regime and NOT the people of Hong Kong.

Worldwide solidarity with those fighting for freedom.
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