After a 5 Year Break, Melodic Hardcore Band PALEPATHS Return With New EP [Philippines]

Phililppines-based melodic hardcore band PALEPATHS have returned after a 5 year hiatus with an entire EP’s worth of material.

Vocalist Maki filled us in, “The lyrics dives deep into the inevitability of facing tragedies in life. I wanted to reflect on the different struggles me and the people around me encounter, both internally and externally, and the ways we cope and eventually overcome them. I would say the last track “Forever” is a bit of an odd one out since it’s about human connection, and love. I thought it was a perfect ending to give the entire body of work a sort of closure. That there’s also beauty to be found in life. Ultimately, Palepaths stands for the acknowledgement that emotions is a natural part of human life and that it’s okay to talk about it. Hardcore is always about being authentic and being vulnerably honest.”

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