We celebrate our third anniversary today! Thank you everyone the world over!

Here we are again! This humble endeavour began three years ago today and has continued daily with posts from insanely talented bands from all across our part of the world.

As the site continues to be a labor of love, we will continue down the road of simply being a site that puts up information. If we actually had more than one person running the site we could probably do a lot more cool stuff like videos, podcasts, etc…alas, like much of the world of underground heavy music around Asia, we ain’t got no cash nor man power to make that type of shit happen.

Having said that, to those who continue to find the website helpful and a useful resource, we appreciate your support. To those bands, labels, promoters who continually send information in to us because they also think the website is useful, that means the world to us as well. To all the fans of local bands who want the world to know about their local band and also send us information about their favorite local bands – thank you for supporting your scene!

Below a few friends of ours who we’ve supported since day one, and who have been supporting us since day one, sent in some kind words…

Thank you again everyone for all that you do to raise the standards of Asian hardcore, punk, metal, indie-rock and everything else that falls under those tags. We listen to your jams daily and get inspired.

Keep inspiring.


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Evocation | Hong Kong

“Congratulations to Unite Asia’s 3rd anniversary. Thank you for supporting our band and music]! Hope the passion of Unite Asia can spread throughout all of Asia! Keep going on\m/”

Straight Answer | Indonesia

“Thank you for making Asia heard and everyone in Asia closer to each other”

SMZB | China

“大概20年前Riz做过一本朋克杂志《由零开始》,介绍香港本土和全世界的朋克乐队和文化,是我接触过最早的朋克方面的杂志,影响了大陆很多的朋克乐队和爱好者。可惜做了几年就没有了。但是随着网络时代的到来,全世界的距离一下变得非常近了,信息量大爆炸。Riz又做了一个非常专业的网站“uniteasia.org”,在里面介绍亚洲的朋克,硬核,金属等等乐队,内容非常的全面和丰富。希望所有音乐爱好者能通过这个网站拉近彼此的距离,团结在一起,做自己喜爱的事情,为了自由,正义和不公发出自己的声音。今年是这个网站的三周年纪念,祝它生日快乐!希望它越来越好! 感谢Riz为它付出和所做的一切。Unite Asia! 

About 20 years ago, Riz had a punk zine called Start From Scratch. He introduced punk rock bands/culture from Hong Kong and from around the world. It was the earliest punk-related zine I had ever seen and the zine impacted a lot of punk bands and enthusiasts up here in Mainland China. Unfortunately, after a few years he wasn’t able to continue it. However, with the arrival of the internet era, the world seems closer then ever, and the amount of information available has exploded. Riz once again got involved in trying to introduce Asian punk, hardcore, metal and other acts by running a very professional website called UniteAsia.org. The content found on the website is very comprehensive. It is hoped that all music lovers will be able to pull closer to each other through this website, unite and continue to do their favorite things, and make their own voices for freedom, justice and injustice. This year is the third anniversary of this site, and we wish it a happy birthday! Hope it keeps getting better and better! Unite Asia!”

Choke Cocoi | Philippines

“Louis Armstrong said “Musicians don’t retire; they stop when there’s no more music in them.” Thank you Unite Asia for featuring bands, labels, shows and local scenes from diff parts of Asia! Keep ’em coming!”

Second Combat | Malaysia

“Unite Asia – thank you for uniting us all under one roof. Keep the flame burning!”

13 Steps | Korea

“In a world where many things appear and are forgotten, it ‘s not so easy to continue down a singular path. It is a tremendous feat that Unite Asia is still here with us for three years. For the next five or ten years, please join us. I will join you. Unite Asia!”

Neck Deep in Filth | Nepal

“Unite Asia has been nothing but supportive of my bands—and any Asian band for that matter—since the day the site went up three years ago. Tag Riz or Unite Asia in a comment when you come across an interesting release and an entire post will go up a short while later. Now that’s genuine support! I’ve managed to connect with so many people across Asia thanks to the site. And, of course, I’ve been introduced to a bunch of stellar Asian bands within these three years. I must admit that despite living in this region, my knowledge of Asian bands was quite limited. All of that changed when Unite Asia came into the scene. I’d like to congratulate Unite Asia on their third anniversary. That said, I know it’s just a start.”

Bruised Willies/Marijannah | Singapore

“We’re fortunate to have such an up-to-date site sharing news from bands big or small around the region. Such dedication deserves more recognition and its basically free press and promotion for many bands who would be neglected by most other alternative music news sites. Thank you Unite Asia for the handwork and commitment for the last 3 years. All you posers best appreciate them or I’ll kick your ass.”

Nightmare A.D. | Cambodia

“UniteAsia.org has turned 3!

Congratulations are certainly in order, but first I’d like to say thank you.

Thank You UniteAsia:

Thank you on behalf of every Khmer kid here in Cambodia who got to see a band they’d never imagined they’d ever have been able to see play live until we got in touch and you listed me as a trusted promoter there. King Ly Chee was the first “extreme underground genre” (punk/hc/metal or related) band that I brought here, but there have been a few dozen that have played in the years since then, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but a dozen per year is a big step up from zero per year, believe me. Bands signed to big labels like Implore and bands from 8000 miles away in Los Angeles like Graf Orlock have played here in Cambodia for the first time.

But even better than that? Bands from right next door in Vietnam have come and played in Phnom Penh and Cambodian bands have gone and played in Saigon and Hanoi, really for the first time ever as far as the underground genres are concerned. And both scenes showed genuine enthusiasm and support for each other in a manner that totally defies the mainstream political narratives pushed by the media and politicians and their manipulative use of cultural tensions and perceived divides between these two neighboring countries, which are largely leftover remnants from their shared traumatic history together.

Now, however, there are links between bands, promoters, venues, and fans that I believe will endure and grow over time, with the much larger population (and music scene) in Vietnam providing a helping hand to Cambodian bands by booking them to play over there in front of relatively larger audiences, like last summer when my band Nightmare AD got to play the hugely impressive SoundSlam Festival in an outdoor ampitheater that was packed with people by nightfall, an opportunity that just doesn’t exist yet in Cambodia for our kind of music yet. The scene here has been returning the favor and going all out for the Vietnamese bands who’ve made the short trip over to Phnom Penh to play for an audience that may be smaller in size but who don’t get to see very many live bands in any given year and truly appreciate the bands that take a chance and come here. People get crazy, even if it’s a Tuesday night, they take their chances when they get ’em.

UniteAsia.org has helped build those ties by putting myself, and the bands here, and the scene generally in touch with the right people in the right places and getting the ball rolling. Thank you for that on behalf of Cambodia.”

Unregenerate Blood | China

“还记得2016年我们第一次为Unite Asia祝贺一周年生日,在那之后我们一起办过CNHC Fest,我也会在闲暇时候去Unite Asia提交身边好友乐队的新闻。闲暇……哈哈,可能我真的是太懒了!哈哈哈!

现在uniteasia已经三周年了!在这三年里,每天早晨到公司都是先看一下这个网站有什么消息,看看我们亚洲乐队的动态,不知不觉间已经成了一种习惯。谢谢Unite Asia为亚洲和中国乐队们的推广所做的努力,希望uniteasia越来越好!


I remember in 2016 we congratulated Unite Asia on their first anniversary. After that, we collaborated on that year’s edition of CNHC Fest. I also would often go to Unite Asia in my free time to submit news for my friends’ band. Maybe I was just lazy. hahahaha…

Now Unite Asia has already celebrated their third anniversary! In the past three years, every morning I would go back to work and check out the news from this site. Looking at the dynamics of our Asian bands, it became a habit unconsciously. Thank you for the efforts made to promote Asian and Chinese bands, and hope Unite Asia can continue to get better and better!”

Chun World | Thailand

“周年快乐 to the almighty messenger of Asian underground music: Unite Asia. Keep on representing.”

Iman’s League | Singapore

“Never a disappointment, Unite Asia keeps you updated with bands (in Asia) no matter how big or small you are. Keep it up!! And happy 3 years!!”

Blast Magazine | Thailand

“It’s the best website for our hardcore community in Asia! Congratulations to Unite Asia for making it this far! Also thank you for all your help in this music community!”

Kunal Choksi Transcending Obscurity Records | India

“Unite Asia has been doing a terrific job especially for the Asian scene. It’s a tireless effort and I’m sure by now it’s one of the most well known sites around for extreme music!”

Palm | Japan

“Hey my Asian brothers! Congrats on the 3 year anniversary of Unite Asia! Representing both the idea and sound of hardcore / punk, I have hope that from here on we can, one by one, close the gap between all Asian people and make the scene even better than it is now. Love and Respect.”

Badburn | Philippines

“Unite Asia to me is a symbol of the power we have through the music we play from our different cities – makes you fell like Asia’s one country.”

Ilemauzar | Singapore

“Congrats to Unite Asia on the 3rd successful year. Unite Asia is the best platform in promoting underground music and touring news in the whole of Asia. Total support and keep the flame burning.”

Defeat the Giant | Taiwan

“Happy 3rd year anniversary!! Unite Asia is such a good site without a doubt. I’ve dug tons of amazing Asian bands from it. Damn…it really helps the Asian scene a lot. Thanks for keeping at it!”

Loyal to the Grave | Japan

“Congrats to Unite Asia’s 3rd anniversary. Thank you for supporting us and japan hardcore all the time! Keep the faith. I love UA!”

Lindenwood/Neverdie/Irrevocable | Philippines

“The community out here in our neck of the woods is generally ignored by our Western counterparts but I’m stoked that they’re slowly taking notice and a huge chunk of that is because of Unite Asia. So stoked to have UA around supporting our relatively small community out here!”

Somebody Fool/Madafaka Records | Indonesia

“Unite Asia: as you know the meaning of “unite” can never come so easily, but the concept in “unite Asia” is so smart and simple is like we all know each other depending on our taste and style. So keep it going…end racism and fascism.”

Seasons For Change | Hong Kong

“Congratulations to Unite Asia. 3 years of passionate growth and support has made Unite Asia an important force for the independent music scene in Hong Kong and Asia. Thankful and grateful for their shared love for all genres and styles. Happy Anniversary!”

Underside | Nepal

“‘United we stand’ a big horn to Unite Asia for their hard work”

Death By Fungi | India

“Unite Asia gave a voice to bands like ours when no one was listening. Publications usually stayed away from south Asian punk and hardcore bands. In that respect, UA brought upon a fundamental change for bands from Asia – it was no longer about trying to get western and national publications to tell our stories – it was more about Asian musicians coming together to create their own platform so that they could voice themselves. UA has empowered many bands from our region and has given us that self-respect that we as independent musicians often lose in the grind and there aren’t enough words to express our gratitude for that.”

Radigals | Singapore

“3 years already! Thats quick. Thank you for always supporting us and giving is the motivation to push ourself even harder!”

Veinn | Indonesia

“It’s nice to know that there’s someone out there who appreciates and supports a new band in the scene. Unite Asia is one of the best. The craziest thing was we happened to meet the man behind it at our show. Thank you for all the support. Happy Birthday!”

Diechiwawadie | China

“Wow! 3 years already! We hope Unite Asia can keep digging for more information on indie bands and we will have a 30 year anniversary!”

Kore | First and Last Records (Vietnam/Japan)

“Congrats to Unite Asia on their 3rd anniversary ! It’s always wonderful to check Unite Asia, knowing what is happening in our region, reach people who don’t know each other but have similar attitudes. UA is connecting a lot of people, and now has become the biggest hub for us. Asian punk/hardcore scene is growing fast, and creating diversity with our own cultural roots. Keep checking Unite Asia, and encourage ourselves to make our scene better and better!”

License to Kill | Thailand

“A lot of punk and hardcore bands are on this website who then brings the scene of Southeast Asia to the rest of the world.”

The Tracy Lords/Artefracture | Hong Kong

“It’s one thing for a musician to leave an indelible mark on a scene with the music they make. The fact that Riz did this for 19 years with King Ly Chee and has chosen to give back with a resource that covers independent bands operating at all levels across the entire continent is a testament to the passion he brings to everything he does. Unite Asia is a massive undertaking. The work has not stopped from the very beginning and because of this, the site has become such a crucial resource for bands all over Asia and its keen followers all over the world. The international underground is visibly far more connected and the work of Unite Asia deserves a huge share of the credit for that. A huge congratulations on these first three years and all the hard work that’s gone into it in that time.”

 Valley of Chrome | Philippines

“Unite Asia is one of the leading forces in bringing Asian music back to everyone’s attention especially the heavy independent kind. The site is inspiring so many talented groups in Asia to come up with new material and share their music, which is always a good thing. Happy Anniversary U.A.!!”

Horror of Pestilence | China

“From Unite Asia’s humble beginnings, we’ve already reached it’s third anniversary! Happy birthday! Of course we hope that Unite Asia can always continue to spread news about our underground heavy music world. Actually, Unite Asia doesn’t just spread the word of our world of heavy music, Unite Asia is out there promoting punk rock, indie rock and so many other types as well. All from Asia! The best part of listening to all these different bands is continuing to realize that if we’re talking about “standards” – we don’t lack in anything! Once again, we’d like to thank Unite Asia for letting us know about bands who create music at extremely high standards. Thank you!”

Barred | Philippines

“Happy Anniversary! Congratulations on your 3rd year. Mad props to Unite Asia! I’m really proud of our whole scene in Asia. Our scene is the best scene! And will always be. Keep it up man! Unite Asia Hardcore 4 Life!”

NUMB | Japan

“Spreading the Asia hardcore reality in 2018! Congrats to Unite Asia on their 3rd anniversary! Hardcore world wide! Respect!”

Piledriver | Philippines

“Happy 3rd year anniversary Unite Asia! Keep up the good work! Thanx for all the hard work & love for the whole asian scene.”

UniteAsia.org is an underground Asian music news website created for the sole purpose of supporting our own world. We support all bands and genres HOWEVER we do not support nor have any sympathy for homophobic, racist, sexist rhetoric in lyrical content or band material. UNITE ASIA!