Beijing’s street punk band Hell City to release 7 song EP and upload one song


Under the heavy haze of China’s capital city, chaos has never stopped. In May 2015, Beijing’s street punk band Hell City will release a new EP entitled CHAOS HAS NEVER STOPPED out on Dying Art Prods. Their EP will include 6 brand new songs and a cover of Blitz’s “New Age”.

You can listen to a demo of the song CHAOS PRC below.

Compared to their first album, which was released in 2011, this EP is much more direct and laced with more metal. This will definitely be for fans of bands like The Exploited, G.B.H., etc.

Hell City has also been organizing monthly shows called Chaos! Weekend with two other local bands D-Crash and The Demonstrators ??? as a way to kickstart a resurgence of punk rock in the capital. Their next show is April 25th at Temple Bar in Beijing.

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