When It Comes To “Extreme Music” – This is Our Shit – RECT Release Debut EP [Malaysia]

When people talk about “extreme” music it always seems to be anything with distorted guitars and screamy vocals. But today in 2022 that could be anything – some of it is really not the least bit extreme at all (to our ears at least). Then there are bands like Rect out of Malaysia who hear the words “extreme” and shit all over it. The band is a power violence quartet who literally blast beat the fuck out of your face with vocals that capture the absolute madness of the current state of the world – he sounds like a rabid dog ready to maul you to death.

The band was kind enough to paint an even more stark picture of their already earth-shattering music. “This EP evokes how humanity is fucked up by governmental oppression tainted by dirty politics. But the worst part is how we all still willingly live in this type of situation that is clearly a violation.”

Anyone living in any form of an authoritarian state even under the guise of “democracy” will relate to that description of this release and the manic insanity of these tracks.

Rect rules.


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