This Band Wins – Check Out Debut Demos By Hardcore Band Bizarre [Indonesia]

Oh my god…this is one of the best things we’ve heard hardcore-wise from our part of the world in months. Go check out brand new band called Bizarre out of Indonesia on their debut demos. Three tracks of high quality NYHC-inspired madness…check out those VOCALS! SIIIIICCCCCCKKKKK!!!!

Get this band back into the studio ASAP and get them to record a full length!

Bizarre is a hardcore band based in East Java that started in 2017. The band features members of 4 Fingers Down, Stone World, and Hadd. The demo will be released soon by Greedy Dust Records out of Blitar, East Java.

As if it’s not clear – this band reps the likes of Leeway, Breakdown, Biohazard, hard AF.
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