Article About Chinese Punk Band SMZB’s New Album – Album To Have Censored Content

To anyone wondering why people in Hong Kong have been on the streets protesting for their lives, check this out.

Legendary Chinese punk rock band SMZB are about to release their brand new album that we’ve been ecstatic to promote on the website for the past few months. It turns out that the version being released in China will have some content removed. What’s being removed? The cover art and 4 of the songs. That’s right. The cover and 4 songs will NOT be seen in the Chinese version of the release.

Cover art being censored in China

This is what we in Hong Kong are worried is going to eventually happen here. Booksellers and publishers in Hong Kong are already self-censoring with some refusing to print anything deemed politically sensitive. This is mindboggling to those of us who have lived in Hong Kong are entire lives and have enjoyed Hong Kong’s status as a bastion for free thought, speech, expression, press, assembly. Now, every single one of those freedoms has been attacked repeatedly these past few months.

On that note, check out this great article on Radii China about SMZB: Click here.

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