Alt Metal Sung in Urdu Anyone? Hell Yeah! Naqaabposh Release Debut EP [Pakistan]

Yo…this band from Karachi, Pakistan has just released their debut EP and it is a MAD collection of 90’s influenced alt-metal. The band is called Naqaabposh and were formed back in 2017 covering mainly 90’s acts like RATM, Nirvana etc. When you press play on live-recorded EP streaming below, it’s those Alice in Chains/Soundgarden-influenced vocals that will grab you – and then when you realize those immense vocal skills are singing Urdu lyrics, it makes even more special. As if that’s not enough, the band just released a LIVE video of them ripping through one of the tracks and the DRUMMER is CRAAAAAAZZZZZYYYY good. Godddamn – the dude chops for days.

The record was released by label/production house A for Aleph. Yo – anyone at A for Aleph, if you have any other hardcore, punk or metal projects in the works, hit us up!

Stoked to hear bands from outside the typical Asian countries/cities…stoked on bands like Naqaabposh. Wish more bands from other Asian countries would send us their info! Let’s do this!

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