Adam Diaz, Ex-Guitarist of Pop Punk Band Hardpack, Releases Solo Single [Hong Kong]

Adam Diaz was the founding member, songwriter, guitarist, and co-producer for Hong Kong band, Dear Jane, which he started in 2004 releasing 2 albums including “100” in 2006, and “xoxo” in 2009. Adam’s original vision for the band was to bring Canto punk rock more prominence in the mainstream. He later joined independent Hong Kong punk band Hardpack in 2010 recording a collaboration album with Hong Kong music artist Kary Ng titled “Happy Family.” In 2013, he produced Hardpack’s farewell album titled “Never Be The Same.”

Adam is currently active in media & entertainment with his own company, Affinity Media Management, specifically focused on music production, artist management, and online content creation. In addition, he has his own YouTube channel and is a founding member of an online based vocal training academy, Pure Singing.

Last week Adam released a brand new music video as a solo-artist entitled Infinite. We asked him to provide us some more info because not only is it an amazing 80’s inspired song with a beautiful melody and packaged in an incredible music video, he invited vocalist Brian of old Hong Kong post hardcore band Los En Found to sing on the track – Brian KNOCKS it out the park.

“As for music creation for myself as an artist, I have been out of the HK scene for years. I, however, have been producing songs for others behind-the-scenes, but not for myself. Recently, I have had some sparks of musical inspiration, and I just made the decision to go ahead to simply find a way to get the song out there; not over thinking it given the typical ‘commercial’ concerns of funding, publicity, packaging, or aligning myself with a record label, etc.

The whole idea behind my upcoming music project and song singles is purely as an outlet for my creative energy, to connect with audiences directly who enjoy what I’m creating, and to collaborate with friends that I genuinely had a connection with, friends who I wanted to see succeed and who I felt also wanted me to succeed. I’m not too sure where this all will lead and I may not restrict myself to just one specific genre, but if there are people that enjoy the music then that’s definitely plenty of motivation for me to continue creating. Although I love punk rock, there was just something about that 80s synth sound that I recently found myself enjoying, something that I probably would’ve found cheesy years ago. I must say a large part my inspiration for composing and producing “無限期” (Infinite) came from visuals and soundtrack from the movie “Drive” featuring Ryan Gosling.

I’ve been wanting to collaborate with Brian Cheung for a long time, since we played together in a show (in different bands) years ago. His singing caught my attention. Many years have passed since that day, but I’ve kept in touch with Brian over that time and toyed with the idea of producing a song that featured him on lead vocal, and I finally was able to get that done with this new track; and I’m hoping to continue to collaborate with Brian and other friends on future tunes as well.”

Enjoy the track below…can’t wait to see what other future tracks he’s going to release and who he’s going to invite onto these releases.

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