Saturday Night Karaoke (Indonesia) featured on Grim Deeds (USA) song

grim deeds

Vocalist of Indonesian pop punk band Saturday Night Karaoke, Prabu Pramayougha, is featured on a new pop-punk track by American band Grim Deeds. Fans of Screeching Weasel, The Ramones, etc will love it – and anyone who is into supporting bands from around the world will love the lyrics (I love them!).

The song is streaming down below!

In the tropical land of the volcanos
There’s a bunch of cool bands playing punk rock shows
Writin’ real cool songs that nobody knows
And call Indonesia their home

The Sneakers are rad, I really relate
And Billy the Klitz make me wanna go skate
Saturday Night Karaoke is great
DIY scene motivates

And I know the USA keeps getting all the credit and the fame
But I honestly think most of our punk bands are boring and lame

Trop Punk (3X)

All the news you read
All the stories you’ve heard
Anything on the news coverage
doesn’t make you right to justify that you can spare us out

Maybe our numbers are not that lot
But still we’re gonna fill the slot
To prove you self-righteous punks wrong
That we do fucking rock!

But I doubt you give a shit ’cause you’re too busy listening to crap
So you’ll miss out on some killer tunes from the best islands on the map

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