8 Year Old Girl Shows You How It’s Done [Philippines]

This video is making the rounds and rightfully so…it’s a video of an 8 year old screaming her head off – listen to that tone!!! We asked permission from the father before we put this up because it is of a child and we want to make sure that the family is aware.

The dad sent in this info about her:

“Yes, this is my 8 year old daughter. I think she got the inspiration from me and my wife and the vocalist of the band Remnants who is her godfather. The bands that she’s super into are: Jinjer, Saydie, Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Lamb of God, Valley of Chrome and of course Remnants. She started listening to rock music when she was 2 years old.”

The future of Philippines metal and heavy music is bright!

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