Bangkok post-hardcore band Degaruda to release new record (FFO: Fugazi, Jawbox)


Holy shit…this post-hardcore band from Bangkok is fucking INSANELY good! If you like your DC hardcore – Fugazi, Jawbox, etc…this is YOUR jam! You gotta check out this band called Degaruda which consists of 4 dudes who call Bangkok home. They released their first self-titled album in 2014 (which is streaming below):


And they’ve announced that their follow up will be released in March! STOKED! The new album is gloriously entitled Monstrous Victorious which we already can feel will leave a monstrous impact when the record drops because………..motherfucking J. Robbins mixed the whole thing!

Dude…get ready for an Asian release that is going to continue to build on that famous DC sound!

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