Hong Kong punk rock band Defiant Scum celebrate 10 years by launching website

defiant scum

Hong Kong street punk stalwarts Defiant Scum have put together a website chronicling their 10 year history of punk rock in Hong Kong. Having been doing this for 10 years you’d think these guys would be way more accepted into the “local” arena of rock – alas, the expat vs. local segregation continues down it’s ugly path. Not that they give a shit, nor should they. At the end of the day, a good band is a good band regardless of what language they sing in or their damn nationality. They are clearly one of the best punk rock acts to come out of the past decade or so from Hong Kong AND are one of the only punk rock bands that didn’t change their tune in order to make it into the mainstream world. Not dropping names because we could name and shame. But it would be pointless – those bands will use the tired old response “?????” fuck off – get a job like the rest of us.

Anyway – big ups to our buddies in Defiant Scum and we celebrate that these guys will continue to be defiant for the next ten years!


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