2 Heavy Hitters of the Rap-Infused Hardcore Game (Outrage/Humanimal) Release Split

Yo…we’ve been waiting for this moment for months. Indonesian rap-infused hardcore has given birth to two phenomenal bands who don’t fuck around – Outrage and Humanimal, so when both these acts first announced they were hooking up for a split “pumped” doesn’t even begin to describe our reaction. Though the record has been out in physical formats for about a month or so all over Indonesia, we’ve been itching to hear the record in its entirety since we live out here in Hong Kong. The Indonesian scene works very similarly to the Japanese scene – the scene/community/ecosystem of the scene pushes the physical product hard. Once the physical product has been given enough time to encourage people to pick it up, the bands then release it digitally. This whole idea deserves mad respect.


The full record is here.
The full record rips.
The full record needs to be on repeat ASAP.
Wait til you hear that drop on Outrage’s track ‘Change the Game’ – DUDE.

“Change the game, don’t let the game change you.” 

Any of you all who’ve always loved that edge of the more bounce-oriented hardcore of New York, you’re going to LOVE this collection of music. Go blast it on your preferred digital platforms now. To grab the physical product you gotta hit up any of the slew of Indonesian labels who clamored to be a part of it.


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