You want truly creative metal from China? Check out Voodoo Kungfu

Voodoo Kungfu

This band has a pretty lengthy history in China of being a metal band that went into all sorts of different ethnic sounds to create something super original. The main singer/founder of the band then went to the US and is residing there and restarted the band over there along with help from pretty awesome producers.

Finally we get to hear a track of what he has been up to with those producers at the desk. The track that he has debuted will take a lot of patience I think for most people…some of the vocal choices he has taken on this track is kind of annoying. But from the middle of the end he goes back into some more familiarity territory.

Very atmospheric and epic sounding…eager to hear other tracks though before I form a complete idea of what this American experience has done for Voodoo Kungfu.

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