Yo – What’s Good? Ready To Check Out 30 Guitarists From Vietnam Shred On a Track?

Been doing this site for almost 8 years now, this is probably the first post of its kind on the site! The Vietnam scene just released this insane SHRED collab song that features 30 guitarists from Vietnam. This is crazy.

The mastermind behind this crazy project, Kẹo Ngọt, said “For this, I prepared a backing track with 3 main sections – verses, choruses, bridges… then wrote a list of about 30 players from different places in Viet Nam I’d like to have on board and started reaching them out. Twenty-three slots filled up real fast and BOOM!!! The biggest shred collab song in Viet Nam video was rolled out.”

This whole thing was inspired by Youtube guitarist Jared Dines’ annual Shred Wars series showcasing a myriad of incredible guitar players with an absolute treasure trove of god-tier skills that Viet Nam has to offer.

Keo wraps it up by stating, “This is the biggest shred collab song in Vietnamese history”.

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