YO! This is Hardest Thing We’ve Heard From Saudi Arabia! Check Out Mozej (FFO: END)

YOOOOO…this is some of the most intense stuff we’ve heard out of Saudi Arabia! For fans of more chaotic, yet technical metallic hardcore ala bands like END you GOTTA check this out!

The solo act is called Mozej and here’s a write-up straight from the artists himself:

“Roughly translates to “unpleasant”, “harsh”, or even “annoying” in Arabic, Mozej is a solo artist based out of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, where he started performing, recording, and producing music at his home studio in December 2021.

His 4th track, “Tatbeel”, an Arabic expression that describes people that excessively brownnose and circle jerk, is a 2-minute love letter to the creative communities. The song features additional vocals by Azzam, frontman and lead vocals for Kaizer, a young and upcoming band in Saudi.”


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