Yatin Srivastava Project Releases New Single ‘Breathe’ [India]

With the release of the first Yatin Srivastava Project track ‘生きがい’ (ikigai) in July being so well received, New Delhi based Musician/Producer Yatin Srivastava is back with another installation of YSP & Friends. This time, the song ‘Breathe’ features vocals from Shagun Trisal (ex-Kraken) as compared to ‘ikigai’ being an Instrumental track. Drum duties are being handled this time by Aritra Basu (Jatin Talukdar Project/Groovy Noodles). Like the previous song, the initial creative idea of the song came from Yatin, with Aritra and Shagun writing on top of the musical skeleton that existed at the time, making the entire writing process collaborative whilst still adhering to the overall mood that the song presents.

The song, from Shagun’s perspective, is a representation of the built-up angst and tension arising from the political disdain currently pervading all parts of India, with the instrumental and melodic content providing a lively yet dreamy/eerie vibe to everything. The meaning of the words however is open to the interpretation of the listeners. The same has been interpreted by Yatin in the structure of the song, as the song seems relatively happy, yet the vocals provide a feeling of suffocation that eventually releases itself in the explosive outro. Aritra’s technical yet free-flowing Drums providing the backbone the song drives the feeling of controlled chaos home.

This is also the first time that Yatin has created artwork from scratch. Being inspired by the styles of Chrome Type, Modern Streetwear, and Cyberpunk, there was a deliberate thought to create something that would meet that style pattern but still match with the aesthetics and the visual representation the band is known for. While the initial ideas and the structure of the artwork came from Yatin, it was put together and compiled into what it is by Ridhii Paul of Dame & Max, who also worked on the artwork for ‘ikigai’,

The title ‘Breathe’ itself also came from the want of breaking free from the constraints of our current world, especially with COVID-19 not stopping anytime soon, aligning itself with the current political situation in India. For fans of Yatin Srivastava Project or the artists that are on this song, they will be introduced to an interesting amalgamation of musical ideas that still fits in the YSP universe of Progressive Metal.


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