“Worldwide Hardcore” book to be republished in Malaysia

Author Matthias Leuschner recently sent in this wonderful piece of new of the world famous “Worldwide Hardcore” book that was released a few years back and that featured a bunch of Asian hardcore bands discussing hardcore within their communities. He is proud to announce that thanks to Malaysian publishers Papakerma, the book is now being published and made available in Malaysia.

Ordering info can be found in the image below and at this link: https://www.facebook.com/papakerma

We asked Matthias to speak about this awesome collaboration:

“In this day and age, the world revolves around the happenings in the USA. It’s the same within the hardcore scene. Sometimes we get so absorbed into this pool of American bands and trends that we forget the beauty and diversity around us. This book is a journey that brings you to countries that the majority of people would have never thought of in terms of underground music. It reflects the history and development of more than 60 countries and is illustrating a map of a worldwide scene. Readers will learn more about other places, neighbouring countries, if not about their own home as well. With this book, I wanted to remind and show that there is more than the USA. Hardcore has grown and spread its sounds worldwide in the last decades. Let’s discover bands and the historical struggles and opinions from other countries.”

Regarding the specific release of the book in Malaysia:

“In 2014, I met Khai and Arwith from Second Combat during my stay in Kuala Lumpur. They showed me the venue Alt HQ (Fahrenheit 88) and told me about their reason for putting on shows. I saw their commitment to educate the youth about drug free living and keeping them off the streets. From my experience, DIY venues always struggle financially to keep their doors open. After they filmed me for a short clip about being straight edge, they asked me if there is any chance to receive the rights to publish my book “Worldwide Hardcore” with the purpose to finance this venue and the drug free youth activities (putting on shows, spoken word performances, etc.)

I thought that’s fantastic. I received messages and requests from people around the world if they can use my book as a reference for their Phd or Master thesis or how much they loved learning about other countries, etc. This time I felt like I can really help with something incredible and the book found a brand new purpose of being written. Without questions, I confirmed and told them they can print the book if they find a publisher or doing it on their own. Now nearly 3 years later, Malaysian punk publisher Papakerma printed 100 books that are ready to be shipped.”

The money from the sales of the book will go directly Drug Free Youth Music Academy where they organize music classes for the youth who live in poorer pockets of Malaysia. The purpose of the academy is to build up bands with a positive message to counter the high risk factors like drug abuse that are so prevalent within these communities.

As we mentioned above, please contact Papakerma to order your copy today and help Drug Free Youth Malaysia help build the country’s youth.


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