Will Champion This Band 4 Life. Deathpunks DOLDREY Drop First Taste of New EP [Singapore]

We will champion this band for eternity…Singaporean deathpunk mainstays DOLDREY are the most consistent band streaming out of there. Consistent releases, consistent sound, consistent quality, consistently hitting the road…the band is everywhere and deserves to be.

The band has just released the first track off their upcoming EP ‘Only Death is Eternal’ which will be out in its eternity on August 2 on PULVERIZED RECORDS. All we can say is when bands say they’ve upped their game on their latest release, this is 100% accurate just on this ONE track off the EP. Everything is heightened – so if you’ve loved this band in the past, it’s only gotten better folks. If you weren’t into them, you’ll definitely still not be into them – for which we’d kindly ask you to fuck off and die.

The label states, ““Only Death Is Eternal” is a true manifestation of nefarious, show-no-mercy Death/Thrash Metal with the sensibilities of streetpunk, intricate but brilliantly arranged song structures further elevate the wicked and twisted DNA of DOLDREY; “Only Death Is Eternal” is the sublime transition and a flawless emulsifier of the unadulterated lawless nature of Punk and the precision musicianship of traditional Metal.”


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