Vocalist of Monument X [Thailand] Releases First Issue of New Zine – PPOW

Zines will always be something that excites us…long before the world was run by the internet, all information was spread all over the world by these weird little things that were stapled together called paper. Remember paper? On these weird things that come from trees were words and illustrations sometimes…some of these words and illustrations contained interviews, record/show reviews, cool insightful articles or columns about some quite progressive ideas. Oh – the good ol’ days.

You think those days may be over – but hold your goddamn horses. Just as people are continuing to keep cassettes and vinyl alive in 2021, so are people keeping these things called ‘zines’ alive.

Today we get to help announce that the vocalist of Thai straight edge hardcore band Monument X, Michael, has released the first issue of his new illustration-based zine called PPOW. Though Monument X is sadly no more – he’s found a new calling through art and zine-work.

“I drew and illustrated the art in this zine to depict the sad side of life. What inspired the art in this zine was a quote from Raybeez (RIP) where he said, “The world isn’t all nice and flowers, cause we learned the hard way”. I really deeply love words. I was lucky to have Den Publishing Group help me publish the zine.”

For those who want to get their hands on the zine, hit up Den Publishing at THIS link.

Along with this brand new zine, Michael also put together a really cool mixtape of music that inspired him. “I love hardcore, I love punk rock, so all the songs that I chose for this mixtape represent me. Some songs gave me the inspiration to live and learn, and this shows the world who and what I wanted to be. Maybe this mixtape will give provide something more than just music.”

Go follow Michael’s zine PPOW at THIS link.

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