Vocalist of Hong Kong Band Restate The Moira Pens Thoughts About Mental Illness

With all that’s going on in the world, amongst all the self-quarantining, amongst all the socio-political turmoil across the planet, amongst all the lives that are being lost due to health and political issues (police brutality), those of us who have suffered and are continuing to suffer from the crippling effects of mental issues, all of this only further amplifies our issues.

Miki Okada, the vocalist of Hong Kong band Restate the Moira, recently made the bold move of penning thoughts about her own bout and experience of living with mental issues. We politely asked her if we could reprint it here because her thoughts could provide immense power and encouragement to others worldwide.

Please check out her thoughts…and as she suggests, not only do we encourage you to reach out to friends, but we encourage your friends to reach out to each other.

“This is going to get raw and real personal. I’ve made some mistakes singing this but I don’t really care at this point cus these were my true emotions. I’ve been working from home for like 2 months now due to the situation all over the world but honestly, it’s driving me crazy and there’s a reason for this.

Here we go… So I’ve suffered from major depression and was suicidal for many years and I know I don’t look like I do but I guess that just means I hide it very well and that I’d prefer looking like “positive vibes” to you guys. Being abandoned at a young age by a parent was never easy. I always wondered if I was ever loved. I think you get the picture now. Staying at home for too long leads me to always be with my negative thoughts and that’s when anxiety comes in. The fear of abandonment comes in.

However, life just turned around for me for the better and I will be forever grateful for it (that’s a whole other story). I matured a lot even after getting slapped on the face from…life.

During this difficult time, my thoughts are on those who have depression, anxiety, or any other mental health struggles who have been stuck at home for a while. I just want you guys to know that you are not alone and to stay strong as much as you can cus I know it’s difficult. You can talk to me, your family or anyone else you trust. Let it out if you need to cus trust me I had a mental breakdown a few days ago and cried for hours but now I feel a lot better so don’t hold it in.”

Miki was kind enough to share an old song that her band Mockingbird had released about this issue. You can check that out below. Her band Mockingbird recently returned under and a new name – Restate the Moira. Support them at this link:


Lying down, still in tears, so unsure of whispers in the dark
Now I see, now I scream, I am drowning in my own fight
Save me now ‘cause I hear them all the time
They captivate me in their lies

Deal with the same hell
We’re all in the same game
With inner demons
I look up high and say “I need you now!”

Grown in fear, so unclear, why is everything so cruel now?
Happy now? Got what you want. My whole heart has turned so hollow
Free me now! Can’t see the light in this world anymore
What did I do to deserve this?

Enough with these lies! I really need to wake up from this torment.
Depart from this darkness. I need to save myself to see that,
there’s more to life than this.

Castaway the inner demon, never let it breathe on me, oh
I gotta tame my inner demons before I turn into one
It’s my control!
Imprisoned daily. Now no more

It’s over now. Seek peace in the Saviour
Let my heart be healed again
Be brave now and begin once more

Have faith, the pain will all go away, be shielded and spread your wings
I believe in the light again
Now I’ll open my eyes and rebuild my strength

I shall save myself to see that,
there’s more to life than this
Break free from this cage, and fight for your victory
End the war within me

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