Vocalist/Guitarist of legendary Hong Kong metal band Azylum launches Infree Records

Soni, vocalist/guitarist of legendary Hong Kong thrash metal band Azylum, has launched a brand new entity entitled Infree Records. The statement that Infree has released is quite amazing so please take the time to read through it below.

But do also take some time to check out the band that Soni fronted which we have embedded further below. Check out especially the immense power in the music that they created back on their debut album Are We Born to Suffer released in 1994. There’s also an amazing live video of them playing the title track back in 1992. For some of us older HK born and bred metalheads, it wasn’t bands like Beyond that got us into heavy music – it was bands like Azylum.

“Inspiring the next generation by introducing all genres of independent bands & labels from Hong Kong, China,Taiwan mainly though vinyl and cd formats.

Our mission is to ensure that bands/musician/label can utilize Infree Records online platform and store to showcase their work to a listener, we believe this will create and enhance the communication between bands and listener, bands to bands, labels to bands… and so on.

The result we hope is that the bands are encourage and inspired to create and improve their musical expression for their future albums to the listener and other musicians.

Bands do not make money creating the music they are passionate about, they are real people like you that have day jobs, some issue and problems we all face in this life, yet they find the time to get together and create music as an expression of an art form. All the money they get from a sale of a vinyl, Cd, merchandise, money from performances are invested in buying more equipment or save the money to go into studio to make a better production for the next album.

There is a vast amount of talent in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan, interestingly bands from theses countries all have their distinct sound, we hope that you will support their creativity by purchasing a vinyl, CD, download and thoroughly listen to their full album and try feel and understand what their lyrics and music is trying to communicate to you.

Infree Records will hold gigs through Lion Rocks Hong Kong for bands from China, Taiwan, Japan as headliners and will be supported by 3 to 4 Hong Kong bands. This will be a great opportunity for new bands to open for shows and gain experience in performing with the other bands and we hope these shows will inspire the next generation to pick up an instrument and create music.

We will always be on the look out for new bands/artist of all genres that are independent and have vinyl / cd releases so please get in touch with us to discuss.

Thank you for supporting independent music and spread the news so people know there is another channel than the mainstream.
Inspiring the next generation.


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